The Joyful Realist and the Disillusioned Optimist

smileyI used to be an optimist by nature. That is to say, my natural frame of mind was to expect good things to happen, pretty much all the time. I suppose in the back of my mind I knew that something bad might possibly happen – but with enough planning and foresight the bad thing could probably be avoided, and undoubtedly with enough hard work and pluck, the bad thing could definitely be overcome.

I’m not that way anymore. I guess you could say my nature has been changed – now I am a realist, rather than an optimist.

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All That I Have Is Yours

The Giving HandsPerhaps the deepest and richest of Jesus’ parables is the one that starts off “A certain man had two sons…”. We commonly call this the parable of “The Prodigal Son”, but as you can see, the story is really about the father. There is so much to learn from this parable – I think we could read it our whole lives and never fully grasp its depth. But for this post, I want to concentrate on just one phrase the father speaks, almost at the end of the story. Andrew Peterson used this in one of his posts a couple weeks ago, and it has been rolling around in my mind ever since.
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All That Has Been Broken Will Be Restored

Death is not the end; it is only the tearing away of the bindings that tie us to this place. In that outpouring of Jesus’ love, we will finally experience all that He made us to be.

This is real. I have seen it with my own eyes. Love has come for you.

Spend some time tonight alone with the Lover of your soul, and thank Him for the work He has done to release you into the fullness of His life – both now and forever.

Trust Him. Don’t be afraid of death. Don’t be afraid to live.

Ten Thousand Angels
words & music by Sandra McCracken

How long you have traveled, in darkness weeping
No rest in language, no words to speak
But there in the wreckage, beneath bricks and bindings
Love has come, love has come for you

Against the night sky of your waiting
Your face is like starlight when He walks in
Everything worth keeping comes through dying
Love has come, love has come for you

So lift up your heart now, to this unfolding
All that has been broken will be restored
Here runs deep waters for all who are thirsty
Love has come, love has come for you

Ten thousand angels will light your pathway
Until the day breaks fully in the East
They will surround you and make your way straight
Love has come, love has come for you
Love has come, love has come for you

What Does Mammon Require?

mammonMammon is the false god of money and materialism. Since I have spent considerable time in the chains of this tyrant and have come to know him well, I thought a review of just what this liar demands from us might help open the eyes of others who are not yet totally enslaved.


What Does Mammon Require From You?

  • Your youth
  • Your prime years
  • Your old age
  • The best hours of your day
  • Your relationships
  • Your faith and trust
  • Your contentedness and peace of mind

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