Why Do the Nations Rage?

crown-of-thorns240For the past 10 days or so, we have witnessed the spectacle of the rulers and authorities of the kingdoms of this world plotting and planning whether or not to further submerge humanity in the maelstrom of war. Presidents and prime ministers, parliaments and congresses, princes and potentates carry on debates behind closed doors, in the print media, online, and in the news and interviews broadcast into your homes – shall we “punish” the evildoer? Shall we “send a message”? Shall we “defend our national interests”?
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What Does Mammon Require?

mammonMammon is the false god of money and materialism. Since I have spent considerable time in the chains of this tyrant and have come to know him well, I thought a review of just what this liar demands from us might help open the eyes of others who are not yet totally enslaved.


What Does Mammon Require From You?

  • Your youth
  • Your prime years
  • Your old age
  • The best hours of your day
  • Your relationships
  • Your faith and trust
  • Your contentedness and peace of mind

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